Friday, October 7, 2016

Ultimate solution to poverty is being wealthy!

Credits or grants are not a permanent solution to fight against poverty. Even having wealth is not ‘enough’ to guarantee ‘poverty’ free life. Ultimate solution to poverty is being wealthy! And the easiest way of being wealthy is belonging to a wealthy family! Poverty free nation means poor family free nation. Human civilization cannot exist without the family. Family is not a place, it’s an institution. We need a fundamental policy reform which is a long term process but at this moment we need national and international consensus and green/policy paper for family-based society. It is proven that whole is greater than the sum of its parts, a group is more powerful than the same number of individuals. As a group bondage among the family members are highly defined and often determined by moral obligation. Using a family as an agent of enterprising could be more sustainable than the individual efforts. And enterprising is a tested and trusted way of employment generation and economic growth which consequently diminish poverty. #Familipreneurship proposes promoting family enterprise as a tool for poverty reduction, employment generation, and economic growth in the context of developing and less developed economy.

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