Friday, October 7, 2016

Go back to FAMILY to go back to the GREEN future!

"It’s the high time to turn back to our traditional values with the knowledge, expertise and experience of our latest scientific & technological innovation."
We know that Agro based civilization flourished and centralized at the fertile geographic area where the home and the place of job were in most cases the same. But it was also true that after industrial revolution machine led production system created centralized job market which forced us to leave family for the sake of job to feed the family. This production structure was almost intact for almost two century. But after 1950, electronic science began to emerge as the science of all. Mechanical production system was highly manual labor centric, electronic science began to convert it automated, manual labor began to replace by sophisticated electronics system, and the electronic system need not physical labor to operate rather it need specialized technical knowledge.
Since last decade of past century electronics and internet jointly changed the basic pattern of operating the planet. I believe very soon we will see a human labor free production system! This technological boom could be blessing for the labor class but utilizing socialist stupidity capitalism pervaded all, and labor class adopted their sufferings as their destiny. Sudden production boom suddenly increased national and international trade but due to lack of uniform system of trading the complexity was increasing. At this moment Wealth of Nation came to save the earth. As there is no alternative options and seemingly ability to answer all economic questions, world economic system solely founded on Smith’s theory, later on Keynes did the rest. On the other hand this capitalist economic system was in benefit of upper & power classes, so they promoted it as the ultimate solution of our economic system.
After the Second World War this system was booming under the sole proprietorship of the capitalists and our LIFE was pervaded by CAPITALS. Unfortunately socialist and capitalist both groups were assumed this machine led production system as the ultimate system of the society. Socialist never reached to the mass people/ labor class nor captured their voices, they took the responsibility of all GOOD as GOD, people were supposed to follow them blindly, seemingly labor class was attracted by socialist propaganda but they were unable to make the labor class understand what socialism itself is. Beside this, a public conception was created that socialism means having no personal wealth and the worst thing is socialism were perceived as anti-religious! Now machine led production system almost completely replaced by automated production system, alternative job markets are created everywhere, people need not to leave home for job, rather they could create job at home like our grandfathers.
Surprisingly basic attributes of our economies have been changed but our system remained the same which make us to feel as labor class! More over service sector and small & cottage industries were emerged which made huge space for individual or small group jobs. Now we need to reverse our system to adjust with the jobs created at home.If we return to our previous states of jobs at home or within community, we could easily avoid huge transportation cost for home to office to home and maintaining double residence for family and job which subsequently helps us to protect our environment too.
Now, we need a fundamental policy overhauling which is a long term process but at this moment we need a green/policy paper for family based society. It is proven that whole is greater than the sum of its parts; a group is more powerful than the same number of individuals in the case of venturing. Moreover, our recent past achievements of so called development pushed us against our environment; a family friendly society must be an environment friendly society too for its inherent attributes. So, it’s the high time to turn back to our traditional values with the knowledge, expertise and experience of our latest scientific & technological innovation.

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